Online RN-BSN Program With No Residency Requirements – Is It Possible?

A common question some potential students have is “Is There An RN-BSN program completely online with no residency requirements available?”. The answer is Yes, there are some nursing schools that offer an online RN-BSN degree program to students who live in a different state then that of the state where the University is located.

The way many Universities allow students to complete the program online is to have them use a qualified preceptor supervise the student for courses that require a clinical component. There appears to generally be two or more bsn courses that have clinical components student must complete locally to finish up their RN-BSN program.

It does appear more and more universities are coming online to offer registered nurses the opportunity to complete their bsn without requiring RN licensure in the state where the University is located. As a result student should have many more choices available to them when deciding where to return to school in order to earn their bachelor’s degree. Keep in mind that there are differences among all of the online programs available as therefore it is important to do you homework when deciding upon which school to attend.

One of the easiest ways to gather information initially is completing the online forms available to have schools send you information or contact you. It would be a good idea to have a list of questions available to ask all the schools so you can compare programs to one another. The costs will likely vary as will the length of time each will take to complete. Also some schools may accept college transfers or allow you to test out of classes for the lowered level course while other schools may not.

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