Can You Get Nursing Scholarships or Grants To Help You With Paying For An RN to BSN Degree Program?

With college costs sky rocketing and not expected to decline it is getting more difficult to pay for college. Of course this is true for parents paying for their kids to go to college or university the first time around.

But what if you already went to college once (or more) and you are looking to help finance your education a second or third time around? Say you want to earn an advanced degree in nursing such as your MSN or PHD. Or what if you originally earned an Associate in nursing degree and know are looking to earn your RN to BSN degree. Will you be able to find financial aid? Student loans maybe, but we all know the best type of financial aid is one you do not have to pay back such as a grant or scholarship. So that begs the question of if scholarships or grants are available for nurses returning to school or earn their RN to BSN or other advanced degree.

Tip - If you are trying to save money (and time) look into testing out of some college courses and earn college credit through The College Network program! to complete your RN To BSN.

The answer is a most likely yes. But that does not mean you do not have your work cut out for you to find nursing scholarships or more specifically rn to bsn scholarships if they are available. Here are some scholarships we found you may be interested in learning more about. We are not sure if they work with an rn to bsn program or not, you would need to contact them to find out.

If you have any interest in serving your country here are some great resources that may help you save money with military related scholarships.

If you belong to any type of nursing association you should also check with them to see what they may offer. It may also be a good idea to check with the nursing school you are attending or interested in attending as they may have some helpful scholarship information as well. In addition, there are some websites that may be able to provide you with more information. One we found is minority nurse as they list scholarship programs geared towards nursing students. However keep in mind when we checked several of links listed many went to pages that no longer exist.

Now as far as if any of those are specific to earning your BSN once you already hold your RN, we are not sure. You do have to do some work now, but that looks like a great place to start.

You may also want to check with the school or college where you are considering getting your rn to bsn completion degree from to see what scholarship programs they may offer.

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